Unofficial Synopsis of ACHOA Board Meeting of 16 February 2016

by Ron Duncan

High Level Summary: From an owner perspective, this was the most transparent and inclusive Board meeting that has been conducted in the past eighteen months! Kudos to the New ACHOA Board.

The meeting began at about 6:00 PM, as advertised, following the Executive Board meeting. It was called to order by Vice-president Dave Steele and the pledge of allegiance was said. Following that Mr. Steele announced the first order of business was to select a new ACHOA Board President as Mr. Fox had resigned for personal reasons. The Board unanimously selected, based on our ACHOA By-laws and NRS 116 authority, Mr. Alan Liebman to be President for the 2016 session. Following that selection, Board officers were announced as:

Dave Steele – Vice President
Charlie Dickinson – Secretary
Bob Kirtley – Treasurer

And to fill the vacant Board position, again based upon the authorities of the ACHOA By-laws and NRS 116, Mr. John Krisch was appointed to the Board vacancy.

Mr. Liebman then proceeded to accept the office with a brief statement regarding the trauma the community has faced over the past many months and set a tone for bringing the community together. This was followed by the standard request for Homeowner comments regarding agenda topics. The only speaker was Mr. Jim Bailey who announced that ArrowCreek Truth was changing its name to to avoid a potential of trademark infringement with the ACHOA.

Mr. Liebman then presented Arrow Plaques to Sam Fox (in absentia), Steven Elliott (in absentia) and Robin Rakusin.

This was then followed by a presentation by Mr. Ken Krater, of Washoe County, regarding planned changes to the intersection of ArrowCreek Parkway and Zolezzi Lane. (Zolezzi Lane was originally ‘planned’ as the primary entrance to our ArrowCreek Subdivision.) They are planning on altering the curvature of the right turn from the Parkway onto Zolezzi Lane to reduce the speed of vehicles making the right turn and to allow a safer entry into the storage facility on the corner of Virginia Street and ArrowCreek parkway. There were a few questions regarding traffic safety, traffic flow and construction timing but there weren’t any real objections.

Previous meeting minutes were approved and the meeting proceeded to the financial and Committee reports.
Mr. Paul Burkett did the financial report with a lot of detail for ratification of our ACHOA Insurance policies for 2016. There were occasional questions from the Board but nothing major and the proposed policies were all accepted and ratified (details of these policies will be included in the official minutes).

Mr. Rick Reyome presented a security update with comments on people continuing to do ‘look out’ stops at our stop signs and one gate incident that is being covered by personal insurance (person was distracted and ran into one of our sub-gates.

This was followed by a safety committee report by Mrs. Mary Steele.
Mary identified numerous areas around the parkway where plantings are being removed and/or cut-back to allow greater visibility of oncoming traffic for safer egress from feeder streets. Also, the committee looked into the use of drones within our subdivision and has found that Nevada law has already identified the fact that they can be flown but not less than 250 feet above a property not belonging to the operator of the drone. Security will be the focal for receiving complaints of violations. It was also announced that there is a vacancy on the safety committee and they are requesting a volunteer.

The Architecture Design Review Committee (ADRC) summary was presented by John Kirsch and Dave Steele. Construction on vacant lots is continuing and there currently aren’t any issues nor staffing requests.

The Administrative Committee report was presented by Mr. Wayne Krachun. The primary focus of this report was on recent contract signings and implementations. A discussion ensued regarding the management company contract and ArrowCreek community support. Apparently that activity was not included in the final contract and will need a contractual modification if it’s required. Mr. Charlie Dickinson then brought up the topic of a ‘Road Use Agreement’ between the ACHOA and the owners of the Non-residential area. This discussion caused a number in the audience the question what this was all about. This topic definitely needed more than a drive-by presentation as most owners have little understanding that The Club at ArrowCreek (e.g. the FOA LLC) pays the ACHOA an amount of dues every month based upon a formula embedded in our ACHOA CC&Rs (Article VII, Section2). It’s been 6 (six) Equivalent lots ($1,308.00 per month), with voting rights, for as long as anyone can trace back. Recently, this number has been brought into question with calculations ranging from 2 Equivalent lots to 20 Equivalent lots. Charlie requested that the Budget Committee undertake an effort, which is required under our CC&Rs to be done annually, to determine the ‘real’ number and provide documentation on how that number was arrived at for use in the future.

The Communications Committee report was done by Mr. Paul Burkett with the primary emphasis being on getting a new ACHOA management website. Paul made the recommendation and the Board approved moving forward with a not to exceed cost of $7,000. The site will be independent of the current Associa website with far greater flexibility. This was followed by the Governing Documents Committee.

Ms. Joyce Seelen presented the documents that are under review, the challenges facing the committee with those documents, the status of changes and additional issues that have arisen. The documents being reviewed are the By-Laws (takes 50%+1 for owner approval of changes), the CC&Rs (takes 50%+1 for owner approval of changes), and the Articles of Incorporation (takes 66% for owner approval of changes). In terms of challenges, the developer/Declarant is gone, and doesn’t legally exist any longer, there have been and will continue to be Nevada law changes, and the documents are unclear/vague in some instances. Status of the documents varies from they’ve been worked to they haven’t even been looked at yet. The next meeting to work through CC&Rs is slated for 17 March.

Fuels management was then discussed with no action required and the meeting proceeded to other business…

The discussion of the ArrowCreek trademark was postponed to the April Board meeting along with a discussion of committee charters.

Committee members were then officially appointed and it was announced that ‘training’ of committee members would be held 24 February from 2 to 4 PM at Associa. Two ‘new’ committees were instantiated; one in place of the abolished ACCC is now being called the ACHOA-Club Liaison committee (Joyce Seelen)[not sure if it is a committee or a single representative] and a second committee entitled ‘ACHOA Activities.’ If interested, ACHOA members need to fill out a Committee Interest Form and send it to Associa. (The address is on the form.)

The meeting concluded at 8:43 PM.

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