Board of Fire Commissioners April 2016 Meeting Highlights

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) is building two new water tender fire trucks to help fight brushfires.

Media Release
For Immediate Release

Contact: Charles A. Moore, Fire Chief

Reno, Nevada. April 19, 2016. Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) received a boost to its fleet after the Board of Fire Commissioners approved two new water tender fire trucks at Tuesday’s meeting. TMFPD Chief Charles Moore said the new trucks will increase reliability to the fleet. He said the trucks will take about nine months to build.

Since TMFPD became independent in 2012, it has aggressively pursued replacement of its older fire equipment in order to maintain reliability of the emergency response fleet.

“Water tenders serve as mobile fire hydrants, which respond to any report of a fire where no fire hydrants are available, such as remote rural structures, brushfires and vehicle fires on highways,” Chief Moore said. “The new water tenders will carry 3,000 gallons and can squirt water while moving down the road.”

Chief Moore said this feature will be synced with remote control nozzles that can be controlled from inside the cab. He said these types of features add versatility to their resources and will be extremely helpful during operations in the rural areas.

Leasing out of local fire station to BLM will increase protection against wildfires in North Valleys.

The Board agreed to lease a former volunteer fire station to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). TMFPD’s fire station, located at 3405 White Lake Pky, will house BLM firefighters.

“Our automatic aid relationship with the BLM and the frequency of lightning-caused fires in the North Valleys makes this a logical and significant enhancement to the level of response and protection against wildfires,” Moore said. “TMFPD and BLM have worked closely over the years and frequently respond in support of each other’s jurisdictions.”

Truckee Meadows Fire welcomes six new paramedic firefighters.

TMFPD introduced six of its newest paramedic firefighters to the Board and the community.

“These paramedics began their duties in March and help complete TMFPD’s paramedic program to provide full advanced, life support capability on every fire engine,” Moore said.

Chief Moore also announced the promotion of six employees to the rank of paramedic firefighter, fire equipment operator and captain.

Open Burning Season Ends April 30

Chief Moore is reminding residents that Open Burning Season ends April 30. Residents are encouraged to plan ahead to complete burns before the deadline.
For permit information and rules, see our website.

More information

For details about Tuesday’s meeting, go here.

Agenda/Minutes from 04/19/16

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