Rumors of Residents’ Club Access Clarified


Dear ArrowCreek Residents,

The Board has received recent inquiries about “the Board considering selling access to the Residents’ Club to outsiders.”

It is not clear how this rumor got started. Please be assured that rumors the Board is considering selling Residents Club access are completely false and without basis in any Board activity or decision.

If you have any information that can be shared with the HOA about this rumor it would be appreciated. It is very important that mis-information within the community be avoided. And that we keep the ArrowCreek HOA moving forward in a positive direction to build community. Thank you to all the residents who are joining in that spirit!

Should you have any comments or questions about this email, or any HOA concern, please send your email to: Thank you for your continued support of the ArrowCreek HOA!

The ArrowCreek HOA Board of Directors

For questions regarding the ArrowCreek HOA or the information in this email, please contact Associa Sierra North at Or by phone at 775-626-7333. Thank you.

Here’s the email:

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