Allow Aesthetic Trampoline Use in ArrowCreek for the Health and Happiness of Our Children!!!

By Mark Gotchy

Dear ArrowCreek Home Owners,

Please help support our effort to bring this trampoline situation to a vote. We only need 100 signatures to make this an agenda item at the next HOA meeting. The proposal is to amend the CC&Rs to allow “aesthetic” trampoline use in ArrowCreek backyards. Please comment below if you have any questions!

Residents should sign this petition because the ArrowCreek Homeowners Association is creating a “family unfriendly” environment that harms our residents’ children and potential “family” buyers. ArrowCreek is not a retirement community. It is made up of a large percentage of families! It will continue to be comprised of family residents for many, many years to come.

Sign the petition here.

Thank you for your support!

Trampolines are already on the published agenda under Other Business [see (7 e) 2)] for the June 7th ACHOA Board Meeting:
To hear or participate in owner comment periods about trampolines, please attend the
ACHOA Board Meeting
Tuesday June 07, 2016
6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Location: ACHOA Residents’ Club

All owners are invited and encouraged to attend board meetings.
06-07-16 Board Agenda

For questions regarding the ArrowCreek HOA, please contact Associa Sierra North at or by phone at 775-626-7333. Thank you.


The petition is as follows:

We acknowledge the function of the Arrowcreek Homeowners Association and we support the CC&Rs. We are all interested in maintaining the aesthetic look and feel of each of the properties in our community. However, we feel the regulation pertaining to trampoline play structures is onerous and needs to be redefined. This rule is creating a “family unfriendly” environment that is neither helpful to the children of our residents and discriminates against a large percentage of would be “family” buyers interested in purchasing a “family” home in Arrowcreek.

The individuals listed in the petition below either own and maintain aesthetic trampolines in their yards for their children’s recreation or they support their neighbors right to include such play structures in their yards. These trampolines are not “eyesores” as has been suggested. Many of them have been in existence for as long as five years with no complaints further supporting this assertion. The residents listed below support any arrowcreek neighbors right maintain aesthetic trampolines on their property.

The rules pertaining to play structures and trampolines in particular are vague. There is no clear definition of “recessed” and “hidden” and the petitioners below believe that the vague definition is being abused and aesthetic trampoline owners are being unduly targeted. The rules need to be updated to align with other allowable property features but relaxed significantly. For example, a well-maintained trampoline that is attractive in its appearance as defined by the manufacturer and regularly repaired and maintained as needed should be allowable in almost all cases. Trampolines that are in disrepair and unsightly should fall under the scrutiny of the homeowners association and these owners should be required to make improvements to the trampoline until it meets the “relaxed aesthetic” requirement.

Aesthetic trampolines provide physical recreation that keeps our children off the couch and off their phones keeping them healthy and happy and athletic. The creators of this document have maintained aesthetic trampolines for years without any complaints from neighborhood homeowners. Attacking aesthetic trampoline owners does not improve property values and could in fact turn away potential property buyers because of the “family” unfriendly policy. Arrow Creek is not a retirement community and will continue to have families for many many years to come who are attracted by its many appealing characteristics including the right to own an aesthetic trampoline.

The purpose of this petition is to encourage the homeowners association board members to call a special meeting of the executive board to put up for a vote for a change to the current rules making the definition more clear and relaxed for aesthetic trampoline owners allowing those who have demonstrated responsible ownership of an aesthetic trampoline to continue to maintain aesthetic trampolines and to allow future aesthetic trampolines by other homeowners. Or, at a minimum we are requesting a variance for those trampoline owners who have purchased trampolines in the past that meet the aesthetic requirement. With this petition we hereby request a hearing on this issue. As many of the owners below will attend the hearing to further make the case for allowing aesthetic trampoline ownership on their property.

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5 Responses to Allow Aesthetic Trampoline Use in ArrowCreek for the Health and Happiness of Our Children!!!

  1. Malcolm Heaven says:

    Mark – it appears my comment regarding trampolines upset you. That was not the intent, just my personal view expressed in the reply to Paul. Your petition is very well presented and I wish you luck. I have no skin in this game so will abstain from voting and let the chips fall where they may. Malcolm


    • Ron Duncan says:

      It’s nice to hear from you again.

      The ‘article’ was actually generated by the web master, not Mark or myself. However, we all have ‘skin’ in this ‘game.’ Any well intentioned rule can be taken to an extreme. Our HOA should and must guard against extremism in any form. We are a very diverse community and the sole purpose of the ACHOA is to maintain and enhance our property values. If a rule goes contrary to that or it does not serve the purposes of the community we all need to get ‘the rule’ rectified.

      Cities do not take on ‘liability’ for sports equipment. Why should the ACHOA subdivision, if that equipment is not doing harm to others?
      Ron Duncan


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  3. Paul W. Burkett says:

    Dear Mr. Gotchy and Other Interested ACHOA Members:

    Before pursuing the request for Trampolines to be allowed, I would suggest that you contact your Homeowners Insurance Company and Personal Umbrella Insurance Company to make sure you have the Third Party Liability Coverage for use of the Trampoline by others. Most homeowner insurance policies exclude this loss exposure and they have in the past cancelled coverage for homeowners that have Trampolines. I would recommend a little personal risk management first before going to far down the path. Regards, Paul Burkett


    • Malcolm Heaven says:

      Paul – your comment is a good one. We recently had this problem with a son, where the insurance company threatened to decline insurance due to their trampoline. It is obviously an issue but since I have no desire to have a trampoline it is moot as far as I am concerned. I’m sure experienced trampoline owners are aware of the liability issues though. However, I have yet to see an “aesthetic trampoline”. Once the necessary safety nets are installed they all look pretty ugly to me.


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