New ArrowCreek Cell Tower Information

Some ArrowCreek neighbors received the following information about the cell tower proposed by the cart house of the golf club. We share it since it contains “new information” that not everyone has been privy to previously:


Previous mentions on this website are here and here.
Also, at the Washoe County website – May 12, 2016 CAB minutes show case withdrawn in 6B.

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3 Responses to New ArrowCreek Cell Tower Information

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  2. George says:

    Where is the HOA Board when you need them/? They say this cell phone tower disguised as a pine tree will be “tucked into a stand of trees” Who are they kidding. I know of no trees that size in the vicinity. The pines that were planted by the developer along our roads in ArrowCreek in the late nineties are not even close. I have been a resident since 2000 and know nothing grows that big in ArrowCreek! The HOA landscape commitee has hassled my neighbor because he had a yellow and not a green slide on his children’s swing set. Others were hassled over flag poles and other petty things, such as this gentleman advocating to have a trampoline in his backyard for his children.


    • Ron Duncan says:

      With respect to the Cell Tower, the ACHOA is powerless. The Non-residential area is a wholly owned entity within our subdivision. In addition, the ACHOA Board is prohibited, repeat prohibited, from representing owners on land use issues based upon our Articles of Incorporation (How they got us involved in the golf course controversy in the first place is still a puzzlement.).
      If there are people who wish to contest this installation, they will have to pay attention to the county review process and make their individual views known to the county officials.
      The Cell Tower isn’t anything the ACHOA can do anything about at the present time.

      Trampolines are a completely separate issue and our ACHOA Board certainly can intervene in that issue.
      Ron Duncan


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