Updated ArrowCreek Cell Tower Information Mailed to Some AC Homeowners – Meeting Agendas Not Yet Available at Washoe County Website

Some ArrowCreek neighbors received a new postcard from Washoe County on Thursday, August 25, 2016, regarding the cell tower at the Golf Club at ArrowCreek. The Washoe County website has not been updated yet for meeting schedules and agendas beyond August, but the amended application is at the webpage indicated on the postcard. Click on the card below to go there.

County Notice 20160824

wt1 The cell tower is now proposed to be located at the golf club maintenance building disguised as a water tower instead of at the golf cart storage area near the clubhouse disguised as a tree.


The amended application is here: county website or PDF. It has more before and after photos in it.

If you are interested, attached here is the old application where there are before and after “tree” photos for comparison.

ctaltsSeveral locations were surveyed as possible cell tower sites.

Previous mentions on this website before the first application was withdrawn are on 06/09/16, 05/27/16, and 04/30/16.

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2 Responses to Updated ArrowCreek Cell Tower Information Mailed to Some AC Homeowners – Meeting Agendas Not Yet Available at Washoe County Website

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  2. Ron Duncan says:

    ArrowCreek Neighbors,

    Yes, a cell tower on the Mt. Rose fan, which is where we all live, would be greatly appreciated. However, our current CC&Rs do not account for ANY Non-residential area owner activities beyond operation and maintenance of the golf course. As a consequence, the owners of ‘The Club’ only pay the equivalent of two lots per month for road, security and administrative maintenance. Without a change to the formula, which takes a 50+1% vote, or an offer of compensation to the ACHOA, we will ALL be picking up additional road usage costs for installation and maintenance of this tower.
    Ron Duncan


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