Vote for Mejia, Sheppard & Duncan for ArrowCreek HOA Board


Don and Margaret McConnell
Tom and Yvonne Bates

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1 Response to Vote for Mejia, Sheppard & Duncan for ArrowCreek HOA Board

  1. I am disappointed in Mr. Duncan’s and Mr. Sheppard’s statements in their attached flyer. “Commitment on respecting owner feedback to ‘Create a New ArrowCreek’ (CNA) – ‘a Gated Community Enjoyed by All Owners.'” This is a very negative statement about where the community is going and the healing that has started.

    The current ACHOA Board has stepped out and started to further leverage the financial strength of the Association with the Recent Vendor Hiring – HEC. This process is dynamic and will provide for the first time to the community an Independent Assessment of what this mature diverse community wants and desires. It will provide an excellent framework for future Boards in developing and implementing a Strategic Plan for this Community. The Board Goals are Specific and are challenging but they are looking forward.

    “The main goal of the ACHOA Strategic Planning Process is to conduct a community assessment and develop a strategic planning process to strengthen resident satisfaction for services and amenities within the community, increase market value for ArrowCreek properties, and sharpen the effectiveness of community governance. This will lead to the development of a sense of community by our members and the enhancement of the brand that set the community apart from all other gated communities within Northern Nevada.”

    This is a process that I can support since it looks forward and not back at the original developer plan in 1997.


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