Reconciliation Didn’t Last 12 Hours After “Meet the Candidates Night”

From: Tim Bailey
Date: Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 12:43 PM
Subject: Fellow Club Member – Critical that you vote for the ACHOA Board members

Hi Club Member,

This ACHOA Board vote is critical for the future of ArrowCreek! We want candidates who implement your vision of the community, not the CNA (formerly Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek) plan, not the developers’ 25-year old plan, or Ron Duncan’s plan!

Your ballot should be arriving shortly. Please send it in right away.

We urge you to vote for the following experienced candidates because their demonstrated actions are aligned with determining long range community goals.
1) Joyce Seelen
2) Robin Rakusin
3) John Krisch
4) Alan Liebman

Attached is a 2-page flyer outlining their experience and thoughts. These 4 candidates are running against Ron Duncan and 2 of his comrades. You know they will be working hard to win the election.

BTW – Please recruit your neighbors to vote for our candidates. We’ve got to win this one!

Thanks for your support,
A Community Team– aka ACT, Inc.( https://acommunityteam. com/ )
Tim Bailey

Oh my, my. Now Tim also knows how it feels to be speared publically. True Colors shine through. FACT. So much for the noise last night about reconciliation in the ArrowCreek Community. La La La….hear my song, not my real feelings…

All seven candidates are very qualified by their life experiences that they bring to the election. All homeowners/owners are urged to vote for the candidates they feel will best represent them and their families at the ACHOA Board of Directors table.

Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia and Roger Sheppard are not totally against the golf club. They see it as a separate “for-profit” non-residential entity that our not-for-profit homeowners association needs to work with because it lies within the residential lots of our ArrowCreek Community. These three candidates will work to attain a win-win solution for as many as possible, if not all, owners and homeowners of ArrowCreek, not just the ones who want to save their social club.

ArrowCreek Owners! Be sure to mail back your marked ballot ASAP to assure on-time delivery or deliver it to the ballot box that will be on the wall in the Residents’ Club across from Brenda’s office before the deadline of 5 o’clock pm on Monday, December 5, 2016. Ballots and associated material are expected to start hitting our mailboxes on Friday, November 18 (day after tomorrow).

We urge you to only vote for Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia and Roger Sheppard if you want your voice heard.

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5 Responses to Reconciliation Didn’t Last 12 Hours After “Meet the Candidates Night”

  1. Tim Bailey says:

    Thank you for publishing my private email to Club members, abet without my permission. There are many Club members who did not receive the letter, as I do not have their email addresses and now they can read it on the 411 website. I am pleased to hear that “Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia and Roger Sheppard are not totally against the golf club.” As I stated in my letter, I would like candidates on the Board of the ACHOA who are in favor of working with “The Club at ArrowCreek” as good neighbors. We live in the same community and we depend on each other.
    I fail to understand why my wife’s role as chairperson of the ACHOA social committee has anything to do with my email. Plus, your facts are wrong. She is chairperson of the one committee, but not both. My wife is not responsible for my letter or my thoughts, is yours?


  2. Ron Duncan says:

    In less than 24 hours we have gone from a “community that wants and is working toward reconciliation,” per Mr. Liebman, to this attack piece against myself and other qualified candidates for the ACHOA Board of Directors. The fact that we represent and will hear ALL ArrowCreek owner concerns and sentiments, and not put them down as ‘rumors and innuendo,’ seems to have disturbed the golf club.
    The vision of ArrowCreek, as laid out by the developer, is one of inclusion and a community working and playing side-by-side. That’s what we’ve all bought into and it should be preserved for ALL of our enjoyment. We are not, nor was it envisioned that we would be, a ‘golf community.’ In fact, there was even a vision of having an equestrian center within our development.
    We will work for a unified vision developed by and for our entire community. I ask for your support and vote for Director of the ACHOA along with Mr. Mejia and Mr. Sheppard.
    Ron Duncan


    • Dean Duncan says:

      I am concerned that we will go back to the HOA buying $3m in NON-Preforming property. I would not object in the HOA in owning the Golf Club but only if we own the whole thing and can operate it with at worst a small loss each year with the potential of a profit in some years. Thank you for the information. Dean Duncan, (no relation)


      • Alan Liebman says:

        Thank you for expressing your concern about potential ArrowCreek HOA ownership of golf property. As the President of the HOA Board during most of 2016, I assure you that the subject of buying golf land or buying the entire golf club NEVER came up in any Board discussion this year. All plans for the HOA to invest in the golf course or in golf land was put to rest at the end of 2015 and is not in the thoughts or plans of the current HOA Board.
        – Alan Liebman


    • Scott Mariani says:

      Ron, I appreciate your hard work and will support your recommended stable of qualified candidates. I will say that all of the residents that I communicate with DO NOT want to own any part of the Golf Club. The lingering effects of the last two years has negatively effected property values and sales. No one likes the idea of supporting a golf club and the restrictive HOA rules and regulations. How many potential deals have been broken because of these two subjects? I know one that happened this week. Please note that my family and neighbors will support your candidates under the tent of a separate golf club and HOA. Thank you again for your service to the community and good luck in the upcoming election. -Scott Mariani


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