ACHOA Management Company Responds to BFoA Post Cards Via Email

Robin Rakusin sent out the following posting on this afternoon. Since the remarks were not a general email to all email addresses that the ArrowCreek ACHOA has (at least none of our email boxes received it), here is the Management concurrence of inaccurate statements on the “Better Friends of Arrowcreek” post cards received by ArrowCreek residents for those readers not on – We already warned of the inaccuracies of the BFoA post cards on this website:

From Robin:

Thought you would all like to see what the ACHOA property manager wrote in an email about the postcards:

“Thank you for your below inquiry. You are correct that the information on the postcard you received is not accurate, and is false as written. The information was sent anonymously. It is unfortunate that a homeowner would send such information.

To confirm, there are no discussions of any kind with The Club at ArrowCreek or FOA to acquire any part of the golf course or club. There is no discussion of an increase in fees to fund The Club at ArrowCreek or otherwise. The full board of 7 acts as a collective group when making HOA decisions. All decisions must be made at a board meeting with actions noticed on an agenda and sent to every owner. The board meeting minutes, as well as all the monthly financial reports and audits, are posted on the website for full disclosure to all members. Hopefully that will speak for itself

I hope this helps to clarify. Please let me know if you have further questions. I am happy to provide accurate information.


Jeanne Tarantino, PCAM, AMS, CMCA
Nevada Certified Supervising Community Manager
Sr. Vice President
Associa Sierra North – An Associa ® Company

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