Roger Sheppard Statement

I am Roger D. Sheppard running for the Board of Directors, BoD, of the ArrowCreek HOA. I want to make it clear that the nasty postcards you have received from the “Better Friends of ArrowCreek” did not originate, or have approval of the CNA slate of Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia Jr. or myself. The anonymous post card’s message has hurt all the candidates, whether it is the Joyce Seelen, John Krisch, Alan Liebman and Robin Rakusin slate or the Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia Jr and Roger Sheppard slate. This is disturbing because these post cards do not represent either side’s positions, in my opinion. To my knowledge, I have no evidence that the incumbent board members running for re-election and Robin currently support the idea of reviving the purchase of the FOA by the HOA. Likewise, the CNA side does not support the rhetoric of untruthful statements by the anonymous post cards and whoever the backers of this are. The FOA (Golf and the Club) and the HOA are inexorably tied together in a symbiotic way to make the ArrowCreek Community the best it can be. Please, for the sake of both sides, reject these post card messages. They are not supported by either slate of candidates and have only served to divide the ArrowCreek Community further.

Roger D. Sheppard

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1 Response to Roger Sheppard Statement

  1. Malcolm Heaven says:

    Thank you Roger for the above much needed input. To call themselves The Better Friends of Arrowcreek could not be further from the truth.


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