Somersett CC&R Amendment and SGCC Purchase Agreement Restraining Order

There is a new post on Somersett United about their CC&R Amendment and SGCC Purchase Agreement Restraining Order
by Somersett United. Click HERE

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2 Responses to Somersett CC&R Amendment and SGCC Purchase Agreement Restraining Order

  1. REreno says:

    To clarify your post, the suit resulting in the SOA TRO was NOT filed by Somersett United. Somersett United is very much like ArrowCreek411 – a forum for disseminating information and opinions. I don’t think there is a way to “join” SU – it is a blog and not an organization. The suit was filed by individual parties.

    That said, the SOA BOD is going to get bitch slapped by the Courts for how they have handled their voting protocols. NRS116 isn’t hard to understand, and the BOD has consistently violated how to manage a vote. The SGCC agreement was materially altered AFTER it went out to vote, which isn’t legal even the alternate world of golf communities.


    • Thanks for the words of clarification, REreno! I didn’t mean to suggest that Somersett United was part of the law suit. I am posting their golf club acquistion path issues in the hope that ArrowCreek can learn from any mistakes or ah-ha moments and can take advantage of any lessons learned without having to repeat them ourselves!


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