Water Line and Sprinkler Head Replacements – Leaks!

Ka-ching!! Ka-ching!! Ka-ching is only part of it……..the use of effluent water is all goodness; HOWEVER, effluent water LEAKS are considered contamination — that the ‘owner’ of the property will be and is responsible for!!!!!!!!


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4 Responses to Water Line and Sprinkler Head Replacements – Leaks!

  1. Robert Smith says:

    Ron good luck with this. Reclaimed is used all over the area – Cities, parks, Hospitals, colleges. Bob


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      Not according to our permit. It is only used for football fields, parks, rock quarries and us. All of which are not allowed to let a ‘water leak’ get into the drainage system. So, what’s the issue with a little testing to ease the minds of the potential buyers?


  2. Robert Smith says:

    Not sure what you are attempting to convey here. Truckee Meadows Reclaimed Water is used in multiple areas and facilities around the area. I the case of ArrowCreek, like other golf facilities in the ares, a large number of acre-feet of reclaimed water is used per year. Is all that reclaimed water coming out of the sprinkler heads contaminating therefore requiring someone to be responsible?


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      The blunt answer is ‘yes.’
      After 20 years of use on the ArrowCreek Golf course one would be foolish if, as a prospective property owner, the results of a contamination analysis were not made available from the current owner(s). Furthermore, the ‘reclaimed’ sewer water is ONLY authorized in ArrowCreek for the Parkway landscaping and the golf course.
      It appears, from the permit issued for ArrowCreek usage, that we are supposed to monitor the quality of water we use and prevent any run-off into the drainage systems around our development. That same permit covers the ‘private’ Non-residential portion of the development.
      Perhaps we need an Ecologist to analyze the situation.
      Ron Duncan


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