Fixing Polluted Golf Courses – Costs $$$$

Effluent water is recycled sewer water. It is not potable (not for drinking, not for bathing, not for cooking) water. It is not used IN hospitals. Here is the Washoe County’s Requirements and Schedule of Rates and Charges for provision of Reclaimed Water Service Ordinance No. 1299. Duly note Articles 3.1; 3.5; 3.10 and 3.20 reproduced here for your reading pleasure.


So, squishing around in flooded greens or watching the excess flow into the storm drains is not the proper use of effluent water.

Here in “Northern Nevada Water Planning Commission Agenda Item 8 Effluent Management Strategy” are the percentages of reclaimed water usage in Washoe County. The pertinent paragraph is highlighted in yellow starting at the bottom of the document’s page 3 and finishing at the top of page 4.

Poisoned Golf

Poisoned Golf by Steve Herzog


Polluted golf course Page 1 of 2

Polluted golf course Page 2 of 2

Toilet to Tap Water

Saving Water by Changing the Mind Set

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