Changing Long Held Beliefs – Part Two

Photo Time!

Yesterday’s sunset was breathtaking given the evening’s topic of conversation – fire abatement.


Some ArrowCreek residents were curious about my ArrowCreek Fire photos from August 2000. So, here are a few. The first four are photos I took yesterday. No fire abatement has been done on these HOA Common Lands nestled between the streets of houses, so you can see how the desert has grown back in the 14.5 years since the fire. The rest of the photos are from August 2000. You can click on the photo to make it pop bigger (at least on the computer – I’m not sure if it works if you are viewing on your phone).


With these first couple of photos you can see how the ArrowCreek Fire was actually bigger than just ArrowCreek.


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4 Responses to Changing Long Held Beliefs – Part Two

  1. Ben Collins says:

    Good “Before and After” pictures. One of the pictures (023) shows that the green grass of the golf course fairway might have acted as a fire break.


  2. The Lee's says:

    When we purchased our home on Echo Ridge in 2012, there were (are) large irrigation pipes in the backyard on a separate system. We tried to find out what they were for from both the builder and the HOA and nobody knew. I was later told that they were put in to irrigate the hill for natural plants removed during construction. Many homes in my neighborhood have the same systems. We disconnected our’s but our next door neighbor neighbor still uses it. I found in the CC’Rs that we should not water native plants.
    Now, I was wondering if the system was put there to protect against fire. Can anyone shed any light on this?


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