ArrowCreek Garden Club is Forming

Hello Everyone,garden1s

I am involved in starting an Arrowcreek Garden Club. We are setting up a
lecture by a Moana horticulturist in March. At the request of the committee, I
am trying to gather emails for people who would like to be informed of our
activities. We are in the infant stage but intend to continue to sponsor
programs, garden tours and community activities as we develop.

If you are interested in our activities, please send me your email address. If you
have emails of ArrowCreek friends and neighbors who would like to hear about us,
please send them to me and I will see that they are put on the list.


Janet Ouren

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1 Response to ArrowCreek Garden Club is Forming

  1. paulwburkett says:

    Congratulations on getting this endeavor started. I am sure that we have many green thumbs in the community that need reference sources. I am not one that has that green thumb touch. I wish you well.


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