Similarities to the 2008 ArrowCreek Golf Fiasco

On 2/12/15 a comment was added to the Voices to the Webmaster page by “This explains FOA connection” which was an interesting read, but when I found the original article on-line, the comments and related article were interesting as well.

Oh, my!
Do You See What I See?
…Similarities to the 2008 Fiasco… be sure to read the comments, too!

ArrowCreek could close unless suit dropped
ArrowCreek Homeowners Propose Buying ArrowCreek Golf Course

Obviously, the bankruptcy in 2014 didn’t “clean the slate” at all….think “water bill” if you need help.

This 2014/2015 mess doesn’t look any better than the 2008 mess.

2008 (+7 years) -> 2015 (+ 7 years) -> 2022

So, I wonder where we’ll be in 2022?

What, if anything, is being done differently now, or should be done differently now, to avoid going through it again in a few years?

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2 Responses to Similarities to the 2008 ArrowCreek Golf Fiasco

  1. equal rights says:

    Synopsis and Similarities

    I also would like to thank the Synopsis writer for the information. This is what we should be getting
    from the HOA Board if they were truly interested in transparency and open communication. Based on the :”ArrowCreek Homeowners Propose Buying ArrowCreek Golf Course” article and attached email we can already make a ” minor” update: the golf course operated at a 2 Mill deficit (1.5 Mill listed in the Synopsis.)

    The same article (see paragraph copied below) , makes reference to a litigant and board member: does anyone know if that was Tom Motherway or Paul Burkett:
    “Remember, we just had a doubling of our HOA dues because of this bogus reserve study and resulting frivolous lawsuit which is being representing by none other than the same Attorney blocking the sale of the golf course and initiated by one of his plaintiffs while he was on the HOA Board.”

    Mr. Burkett in a 2/14 posting claims that the CNA is working to deny the right to vote by the AC residents referring to Mr.Duncan’s suggestion to let free enterprise determine the future of the golf course and determine if it would be a sound business decision to buy it in the future. What is being denied with the current path set forth by the HOA board is the freedom of choice and equal rights for all, not just those that want us to buy the Golf Course. What is being denied is a vote respecting our own Articles of Incorporation (AOI). Instead, the HOA Board cleverly reinterprets our own AOI regarding the two thirds majority requirement for changing the AOI and regarding amending the AOI to change from a nonprofit to a for profit corporation and to allow the FOA to profit from their investment. Thank you to those that are pursuing this issue (see postings under: More information on Item 3a on Feb ACHOA Board Meeting agenda)


  2. ArrowCreek Homeowner says:

    The FOA (aka litigants) that you reference in your post had a strangle hold on the previous owner Charlie (Golden Gate Golf). Because they were equity golf members they pretty much dictated how the golf club was operated. This guy Charlie didn’t know what he was getting into when Club Core walked away, after all he is a small guy that owns a small public course in Watsonville, California. The so called FOA would not allow him to have public play on both courses and open up the Club House Restaurant (not even to us ArrowCreek homeowners). In other words to run his golf courses like a business and make a profit. Gee what a concept!


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