A Senior Perspective

After much thought, here is a brief statement of our position. Since we are retired senior citizens, not golfers, this may be of a different perspective.

Before purchasing our home, we spent several weeks looking over the housing selection in Reno, looking for a place with serenity, good neighbors, well maintained neighborhoods and good security. We found Arrow Creek to be a perfect place for us to down size and settle. The Golf courses provided a beautiful back drop, and the views were fantastic. At first, we felt that the ACHOA dues were excessive, but when we learned that the dues included a residents center with all the special features, we felt that, although we wouldn’t be using many of them, the fees were justified. This community has it all! A great Residents Center, well maintained streets and landscaping, great security, and a huge plus, Great views of the City and Mountains. Plus, if you wanted to play golf, you could at a reasonable extra charge. This is truly a great “Residential Community.”

This new situation of the ACHOA potentially purchasing the golf courses (The Club at Arrow Creek), is causing much unnecessary stress for all of us. The serenity we were seeking is rapidly vanishing. It seems that everyone here is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Now with the Golf Club being acquired by the Friends of Arrow Creek, we are being asked to purchase the Golf Course and all its facilities and liabilities, give up our exclusive Residents Center and pay an additional mandatory fee ( estimated to initially be round $99. a month). As far as expenses go, the potential $99 rise in HOA fees seems to be just the beginning. We are sure that, as times goes on, there will be additional assessments for future improvements. This just doesn’t seem right, giving up something for an additional cost so we will have a “Residential Community” which we already have. Being forced to participate and the 50% plus one vote seems unfair and un-democratic.

We don’t have anything against golfers or golf courses. We like living here in a golf community and we wish the new owners of the Club the very best. We just don’t want to purchase the courses at this time in our lives. When we retired, we downsized, and ceased risky investments. We are not Gamblers either so we aren’t interested in buying a Casino.

If the vote comes up to purchase the golf course at a mandatory fee to all ACHOA members, we will probably and reluctantly find another place to live.
Retired Senior Citizens

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1 Response to A Senior Perspective

  1. Kerry McKinney says:

    Ditto. I teach economics, finance, and quantitative methods, so I did the math. Golf courses do not pay, especially as residents age out of the game. That is why so many are going broke (golf courses, that is, not seniors who mind their money).

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