Arnold Palmer Group Answers Some ACHOA Member Questions

The ACCC released an update today from Arnold Palmer Golf Management (APGM) to answer some ACHOA homeowners questions: ACCC Update 3-10-15 APGM Amentities and Fees Q.

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1 Response to Arnold Palmer Group Answers Some ACHOA Member Questions

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    Boy oh boy! I can’t wait for all the goodies APG and the ACHOA Board and ACCC are cooking up behind closed doors!! and the increase in my monthly fees, which provide no tax incentive, to a lowly property owner.
    It’s time to come up with a REAL alternative. Buy the land! No golf course, just the land to be preserved as open space. If the adjoining property owners want it green and mowed, great, have at it. Just stop this non-sense about owning a golf course/club and cease the waste of our time and money! You really aren’t providing value added to anyone.
    Ron Duncan


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