Gardening eNewsletter from Moana Nursery is Timely for Watering Tips

Moana Nursery just sent out their March eNewsletter that had some interesting gardening tips in it. Since it has been so dry this winter, it is very important to give your trees and shrubs some water right now. Plants in the ground, especially newly planted (last fall or later) trees, shrubs and perennials need the equivalent of one inch of precipitation per month. Plants in containers need more since they dry out faster. All the eNewsletters are available here. Moana has lots of great information on their website – such as High Desert Gardening and a collection of landscaping tips. If you do get inspired to change your landscape, be sure to check on the current HOA rules before doing anything!

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3 Responses to Gardening eNewsletter from Moana Nursery is Timely for Watering Tips

  1. I called Jeanne Tarantino about the garden club flyer this morning and she said it was open to all ArrowCreek owners and renters. The flyer was submitted by the organizers of the club. Hopefully the wording will be better for the next garden club meeting. It definitely looked closed to the Club at ArrowCreek members and their guests, not open to anyone.


  2. Never mind. It looks like the garden club is closed to people outside of the Club of ArrowCreek. It is posted as for Members and their guests only. Why is it then advertised on the “official” ACHOA Associa website if it is not community news?

    AC_Garden_Club_Flyer for First Meeting


  3. Actually – this is timely since I just found out that the newly formed Garden Club is meeting tomorrow at The Club at ArrowCreek for a talk by Moana on High Desert Gardening. Details on the Associa website conflict with details in the flyer so I will try to resolve before posting more.


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