Transparent Canvas of Birds in Flight

It is almost Spring. It is window washing time again! The Red Tail Hawks and Northern Harrier love to scare their next meal (usually quail and doves) into the window for easy pickin’s. Most of the time the birds don’t hit hard enough (thank God) so they are glancing blows. We have collected quite a display of angles of birds in flight. Sometimes the little birds are faster than the birds of prey and veer away from the window in time for the big bird to crash, so we have a few big dust birds on the windows, too!

Click Local Favorites for favorite window washers of ArrowCreek. If you have one, send the info to and we’ll add them to the list!


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2 Responses to Transparent Canvas of Birds in Flight

  1. William A. Brown says:

    Ron, That has never happened at my house further up Nambe.  Do you have a bird feeder?  Best Regards,



    • Ronald Duncan says:

      We do indeed! Gold Finches, Chickadees (usually winter), English Sparrows (usually winter), Anna Hummingbirds (summer), Phoenix Moths (occasional summer – look like Hummingbirds), House finches, Black Birds, Doves, Quail, Scrub Jays, Black billed Magpies, Great Horned Owls, Screech Owls, Red Tailed Hawks, and since the Northern Harrier has shown up, no pigeons. We have to bring the feeders indoors in the evening in fall as we also have bear visits.
      Ron 🙂


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