UNR Literature Review of Home Value Factors

The UNR “Literature Review of How Home Values Are Impacted By Various Factors” by Mark Pingle, Professor of Economics, and Cameron Belt, Graduate Student of Economics, of March 8, 2015 has been posted on the ArrowCreek HOA website. After their report, there is an Appendix A: An Accounting of Articles Offered By People From ArrowCreek and Appendix B: A Note on HOA Dues and Their Effect on Home Values. This is will be a significant study when Dr. Pingle and Mr. Belt complete the second part of their work because there is not much information available about home value for recent years – since the housing bubble popped – and especially targeting Northern Nevada. If your internet is very slow to respond to the above link try UNR_STUDY 1 of 2 and UNR_STUDY 2 0f 2.

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