Behind Closed Bedroom Doors: A Free Ride for the Golf Club?

By: R W Duncan
31 March 2015
Updated 2 April 2015

*Several voices pointed out that the previous version of this article had technically and factually incorrect data. I apologize for those errors. This update is factually correct and matches the ACHOA Budget numbers for Fiscal Year 2015.*

In a recent conversation one of the topics that arose was Golf Course payments to the ACHOA. It was said that the course was assessed at the five (5) equivalent lots level (In fact it is 6). That is to say The Club is to contribute to the ACHOA 6 times $218 per month ($1308), and has. In fact during the most recent bankruptcy the ACHOA was defined as a creditor claiming it was owed $1308 for unpaid assessments. That was disputed by the owner as it was claimed that The Club put on a Christmas Party for the residents along with sharing some of his equipment.

Now comes the sticky part, Article VII of our ACHOA Declaration CC&Rs has several paragraphs devoted to determining the equivalent lots for the golf course, including a rough example. The formula relies on information provided by the Washoe County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). To determine the number of ‘equivalent lots’ for a golf course, you’re to take the number of holes (36) and multiply it by the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) per golf course hole (47.44) and then divide that number by the VMT for a Single-Family Dwelling (14.67). This gives you 116.42. To get the number of equivalent lots you multiply 116.42 by the amount of expenses allocated to the Golf Club’s existence, factors of which are spelled out in Article VII, and for this discussion let’s choose a 10% number. With this factored into our calculations, the equivalent lots allocated to The Club are 11.642 or 12 when rounded off to the nearest whole number. So, the monthly dues payable to the ACHOA from ‘The Club’ should be $2616 per month of operation based upon our CC&Rs.

Since The Club is a private facility, when the ACHOA holds a meeting there we pay for the meeting space, budgeted at $1467 per meeting. Since The Club currently pays $1308 per month they technically get a repayment every other month which makes their contribution actually $1149 over a two month period, or $574.50 per month, the equivalent of 3 lots.

So, has the ACHOA been giving The Club a ‘free ride?’ and can we forego the additional contribution to the well-being of our community? You decide.

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