Look at the original data yourself – then make your decision

Look at the original data yourself – then make your decision
by Ben Collins

(Webmaster’s comment: The problem these days is that so many people are so busy that they prefer to follow people they trust rather than take the time to think out a difficult problem themselves. Example: Republicans and Democrats. We have an identical situation here between Mr. Collins and Mr. Duncan. Statisticians can always make the data claim what is desired. That is why the ArrowCreek411 webmaster hates statistics and takes it with a grain of salt. Same exact data, different processes – both men with justifiable reasons for manipulating/analyzing the data the way it was done and both men feel they were earnest – and were earnest – in their calculations. Same as in the Pingle report, which was reported here when it was released in this post with files UNR_STUDY 1 of 2 and UNR_STUDY 2 0f 2) as well as with the link to the ACHOA website. ALL of it is boiled down to human opinion of facts viewed from hundreds of different life experiences. Why can’t we meet in the middle and find a compromise? Just ask the Republicans and Democrats currently in office in Washington DC.)

The 411 site is not impossible trash. It tries to share ARROWCREEK pertinent information – which includes ACHOA and Golf Club information. It is intended as a forum for people to share their views based on comments, experiences and emails from the neighborhood that indicated that the ACHOA website was not meeting their needs. The ACHOA is adamant that an open line of communication, a.k.a. forum/blogsite, is totally outta sight beyond Pluto for risk of litigation.

Here is Ben’s item to put on the “inaccurate” 411 website for today. Is it any more “fact” than anything else here? To use Ben’s last line: “We all need to look critically at what is being posted on the 411 website.” No, duh! Just as critically as anything posted on the Associa website, or on any website, or on radio, or on TV!! The hard part is deciding for ourselves (oh, my! that means thinking for myself, ok, big breath) what it all means to us as individuals, as families, as communities and as stewards of the earth or whatever…where can the compromises be made where it is a win-win for everyone involved? Oops. There are those Democrats and Republicans again….)

This is a big file and may take more time to load than you would expect. Please have patience!

Look at the numbers yourself

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1 Response to Look at the original data yourself – then make your decision

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    Dr. Collins,
    Isn’t it great that your diatribe can be posted for the world to see and review on arrowcreek411.wordpress.com? The diatribe certainly presented an alternative universe opinion. It really does not matter, on ArrowCreek411 the record stands for ALL to evaluate and pass a discerning eye to what is ‘fact’ and ‘truth.’ That’s not allowed on the other website you referenced – with or without a password. So if ArrowCreek411 didn’t exist and you really wanted to get your word out, where would you turn? to the Reno Gazette Journal? KOLO8? or FOX11?

    Yes, I owed the world an apology for an article containing inaccuracies and I requested the webmaster to take it down. I did that based upon my ethics and adherence to ‘truth.’ I’m pleased to see that you have such a close personal relationship with Arnold Palmer Golf. However, The Club to me means the owner of The Club, not the management company. Does ArrowCreek mean Associa to you? The Club at ArrowCreek is owned and operated by the Friends of ArrowCreek, LLC (FOA). This is a private entity owning and operating a “NONRESIDENTIAL AREA” within the boundaries of the ArrowCreek Homeowners Association (ACHOA). Since the FOA has a letter of intent from the ACHOA to pursue purchase of its assets, it would be unethical of the ACHOA to hold meetings on the FOA property without compensating them, don’t you think? So, the financials for the ACHOA show a disbursement of $1607.24 for meeting expenses at the end of November 2014. Additionally, there is a budget amount of $8800.00 for Fy’15. If you divide that amount by 6, the number of Board meetings in Fy’15, you’ll arrive at a figure of $1467.00 per meeting. No further clarification is offered by the ACHOA Board. Is the FOA paying a fair share to support the ACHOA? You decide as they currently pay $1308 per month.

    “Everyone should look at the data without bias.” Apparently this phrase didn’t apply to the subjective analysis provided. For instance, at least 11 homes were omitted from the counter analysis and, as the webmaster pointed out, anything can be done to manipulate numbers. Try using the ArrowCreek lot map instead of Google to determine lot location. Eleven divided by 60 is 0.1833 or roughly 20% of the homes that were included in the first analysis that were not included in the second analysis. Why is it not surprising that the conclusions were different? That’s 1 house in every 5 that was thrown away. If “fact” makes you divide 100 by 18.33, it still is 1 house out of 5.45 houses, which rounded is actually 1 out of every 5.5 houses. The fact is that numerous studies have shown the value of homes on a golf course is in a range of 1 to 6% dependent on location of the development – and this includes any information picked up from the Pingle document research. The Pingle report did not, repeat not, cover Reno or actual property value analysis. Further, restricting an analysis of non-ArrowCreek properties to those that meet some undefined criteria, to try and provide objective evidence, is certainly not a scientific method that I’m familiar with. The fact remains that the ACHOA Board’s pursuit of the Golf course has injured home values.

    How does D’Andrea fit into an ArrowCreek Discussion?? A.) It’s 25 miles away (why not pick a spot in Fernley or Lovelock?) in a less desirable portion of Washoe County. B.) If you wanted pictures of the desert all you had to do was take a drive to the Northwest part of ArrowCreek or look at No Foolin’! April 1 Snow. C.) If, repeat IF, your point was to show what ArrowCreek might look like should a PRIVATE landowner neglect his property, that’s okay. The wild flowers on the desert are beautiful this time of year and everyone should enjoy them.

    Arrowcreek411 continues to provide the most dynamic forum for ArrowCreek neighbors to exchange ideas and information. The fact that some can’t accept information contrary to their personal beliefs is a challenge. Hopefully, somewhere down the road, there’s a middle ground where Freedom of Choice will continue to exist in ArrowCreek.
    Ron Duncan


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