Toilet to Tap Water

Did you know that Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) of waste water is becoming a more significant way to reclaim water because of the severe drought conditions, especially in the arid West of the United States – to include Nevada? Take a look at Toilet to Tap or Great Idea! by Cody Black, P.E., of Shaw Engineering, last month. The relevance is that both the ArrowCreek HOA common lands that are irrigated and the FOA golf course irrigation use reclaimed (also known as recycled or purple-piped) water.

As the drought continues, all of us are having to look at planning for a future with less water resources. For decades, we have been using recycled or reclaimed wastewater to irrigate our golf courses and large fields. These projects have been limited to certain high demand irrigation areas and have benefitted us in more ways than one. This includes providing a disposal location for wastewater treatment plant effluent while providing green open space in our communities. It is no surprise that this has been a popular solution, but will it remain so when even more restrictions are being placed on our household uses of water?

Shaw Engineering’s purpose is to support the growth of quality community development and to maintain the viability of our public infrastructure by providing essential expertise with the goal of protecting and improving the health, safety and quality of life of our community.

From Shaw Engineering’s website :
Cody Black has more than ten years of experience in the construction industry with six years dedicated to civil engineering.

Mr. Black’s experience includes design and management of public utility infrastructure projects such as roadway reconstruction, water tanks and pipelines, storm drains, and waste water public works projects. His experience also includes extensive experience in document research, Federal and State Grant projects, and state transportation projects and permitting. Furthermore, he also has diverse experience in Public Works as a Utility Manager and technical project manager, managing water, streets, and storm drain operational divisions, including budgeting, planning, and capital improvement project development and construction.

Mr. Black has worked with Federal entities including, multi-jurisdictional coordination for projects involving complex permitting and funding. He has completed grant auditing and compliance, and extensive contract document work including contract review for local, State and Federal compliance. Mr. Black also has experience reviewing and permitting large public works projects, working as both the applicant and the permtiee for complex State and Federal projects. With the unique experience he has gained over the years he will have no problem managing some of Shaw’s major civil engineering projects.

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