Undeveloped Lots in a Golf Community For Just $1.00 ?!

By DAN BURLEY – dburley@islandpacket.com
JUNE 5, 2015

“In Beaufort County’s most elite communities, mandatory memberships are driving down property values, according to some property owners. Real estate agents call it a passing trend, but there are more $1 lots for sale today than at the peak of the recession.”

Read more here: More Luxury Lots Available For Just $1 Today Than During Recession or print pdf.

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2 Responses to Undeveloped Lots in a Golf Community For Just $1.00 ?!

  1. Bill Edwards says:

    I guess their threatened “new” development will show us how strong the zoning, land-use laws are. The FOA people have to live with their decision and realize that it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to save them from their foray into golf course ownership. They should be creative and offer “learn to play golf” classes as well as set up one of their courses, in a 9 hole configuration, that the beginning golfer could play and learn to enjoy the game. Obviously they, like the majority of the golf course operations, have no ability to think outside of the box and come up with ways to increase the number of golfers. Offer free lessons, short easy course to play on, with larger cups on the greens, anything to bring in new golfers.,


  2. The Dragon Slayer says:

    Could this POSSIBLY Happen in ArrowCreek?
    I talked to my realtor yesterday,,,,,in the coming months we are going to see some amazingly terrible statistics for sales within the gates of ArrowCreek,,,Specifically waaaaay below the price per square foot of the Reno/Sparks area,,,ALL directly due to the FoA and their supporters playing like the gods they aren’t…and then take it a step forward with a threatened “new” development inside the ArrowCreek gates…Complete mayhem with respect to spec builders, buyers, and sellers…BUT the Elite will still be sipping their adult beverages @ their Private club…all under the swell name of “Friends of Arrowcreek”…Oh, and how could these statistics be ever possible when the fairways are still green??
    The Dragon Slayer


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