FOA Is Transparent

By Karen Korcheck

If you are going to criticize and make claims about Friends of ArrowCreek, who are transparent about who they are, it would give you more credibility and value if you revealed your identity.
Karen and Steve Korcheck

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3 Responses to FOA Is Transparent

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  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    Karen and Steve,

    Welcome to the conversation.

    Let’s examine the ‘transparency’ of the Friends Of ArrowCreek LLC (a.k.a. FOA) on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is absolutely transparent and 1 is a ghost.

    First there’s the matter of who exactly are these individuals. A few have identified themselves and a few more have overtly identified themselves to the point where 16 of the original 36 are known. Let’s see, 16 divided by 36 is less than 50% of the original FOA members have been identified. That means we should subtract, being generous, 4 points from our scale of 10, leaving us 6.

    Second, let’s examine the original Bankruptcy. The FOA out bid Aspen Sierra and won the property for ~$1.9 Million for all 525 acres, buildings and equipment. However, people are struggling to determine an exact figure as the debts owed to Washoe County somehow play into this picture. In fact, the FOA has crafted a ‘deal’ with Washoe County to reduce the debt by $250,000 and pay all of the remaining balance within six months. Said ‘deal’ to be ratified by the Bankruptcy judge on 5 November. So, ‘transparency’ of what was actually paid for the 475 acres being offered to the ACHOA is zero. That rates another 3 points off the transparency scale. That leaves us with only 3 left.

    Lastly, let’s examine the ‘deal’ that has been offered to the ACHOA behind closed doors and HOA negotiators sworn to secrecy behind a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). So, the FOA LLC has offered its ‘friends’ a one time ‘good deal’ to buy 475 acres of vacant land for the amazingly low price of $3.3 Million. When asked how much money was invested in this 475 acres, SILENCE. You’re told its behind the closed door of the NDA. So, there’s NO transparency here, that’s a minus 4 on the transparency scale.

    Guess what? That puts the FOA Transparency at ZERO (0).

    If a real open and honest dialogue is to be had within ArrowCreek, then ALL of the data and players must be identified but let’s get it all out in the open and not hide behind a club facade and NDAs.

    Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek are most definitely in the open, how about the FOA joining them?
    Ron Duncan


  3. Mary Ann Gaebe says:

    Amen to that!


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