Letter: Golf Course Owners To Blame

Reno Gazette-Journal 8:17 a.m. PST November 6, 2015

Marcella Corona/RGJ The clubhouse at the D'Andrea Golf Course in Sparks was destroyed by a fire Wednesday Oct 28, 2015.

Marcella Corona/RGJ
The clubhouse at the D’Andrea Golf Course in Sparks was destroyed by a fire Wednesday Oct 28, 2015.

Regarding the destruction of the D’Andrea Golf Club clubhouse, the only person responsible for this horrible loss is the owner/owners of this property.

This was once the shining star of the D’Andrea community. The beautiful, glorious golf course and the commanding views from the majestic clubhouse were unmatched.

When the owner decided he had taken all he could from the property and wanted the homeowners of the D’Andrea/Toscana communities to pay his bills, which they clearly voted not to do, he closed the property. A small group of homeowners tried to keep the property alive (funds were raised to keep the water flowing to the golf course), just in case a buyer was found. Offers were made; I don’t know the particulars, but I do know the owners held fast to the ridiculous price they were asking.

There was never an effort on part of the owners to secure this property. Services to the building were turned off the first winter which resulted in major damage from frozen pipes. Vandals were a continuing issue, nothing was done to control that situation. The doors weren’t secured until someone broke in, a fence could have been installed around the building. Security cameras were going to be installed in two weeks? Give me a break, the building has been closed for almost four years and now it is time to secure the property!

As a former member of the D’Andrea Golf and Country Club and resident of the Toscana community, I am appalled and saddened by the owner’s actions regarding this property.

Pam Ginsburg, Sparks

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