Letter to the ArrowCreek HOA BOD President Not Answered

By Wayne Krachun


You’ve probably received the current December issue of our ArrowCreek Newsletter. I’ve got several problems with Mr. Fox’s President’s Message. It reads like everything is under control; it most decidedly is not. He writes “the Board has been listening” to our concerns; it most decidedly has not. He writes that for the upcoming vote to buy land, “if enough votes ballots are not received from the first mailing, there will be additional mailings to provide all ACHOA members the opportunity to cast their ballot…” Excuse me? Are we with Alice in Wonderland? We’re going to keep the election open indefinitely? Until when? Until our esteemed Board decides enough owners have voted?

So, below is the note I sent to Mr. Fox, Ms. Tarantino of Associa, with copy to the Board members. I have no idea what Mr. Fox meant by “comprehend,” but my reaction to his comment that I highlighted in yellow is what prompted me to write to him, the Board and you. If you’re disgusted, please let the Board know.

Dear Sam,

Thanks for your update on the community issues in the current ArrowCreek Newsletter I received over the weekend. I have several comments that I request be printed as a Letter to the Editor:

In the first paragraph, help me understand how documents will “comprehend” the 475 acre acquisition.

In your second paragraph, help me understand how fuels mitigation will be “comprehended” into future budgets. Did you intend to use a different verb in both instances?

In the fourth paragraph you state “those in opposition do not want the ACHOA monthly operating assessments and reserve funds to be used to acquire and maintain the land and related infrastructure.” Sam, you oversimplify the opposing view. In my many conversations with owners, owners are not necessarily opposed to owning land; they’re opposed to the terms of the proposed purchase and leaseback of 475acreas. I’ve heard the following concerns:

– how did the Negotiating Team come up with a $3.3million purchase price, while leasing it back to The Club for a net $4,400 a year? Doesn’t appear to be a good deal for the HOA
– the clause covering The Club’s option of closing part of its golf course kicks in as early as January 2017. The HOA assumes a 15 year loan payback, while The Club commits to a one year operation. Doesn’t seem like much of a commitment by The Club.
– The Club wants to preserve its very private Club, while seeking a public subsidy from the HOA. Many folks view this as a subsidy or a bailout.
– People moved here for many reasons, among them 24 hour manned security, incredible views of mountains and valley, & Hunsberger School. A vibrant golf club may be one more asset to our community.
– there is no compelling reason to buy the land now. The Club is privately owned, professionally managed, with membership growing. Seems clear the owners intend to close a portion of the golf course, so why not wait until they do. Let them deal with the resulting fallout, and fire mitigation. Their threats of selling to a developer are just that: threats, and it proves they really are not Friends of ArrowCreek.

Bottom line? No one should be surprised when The Club closes a portion of its golf course sometime in 2016 or 2017. And we may end up owning some of its land at some point. But we likely won’t pay $3.3 million for it.

Wayne Krachun

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2 Responses to Letter to the ArrowCreek HOA BOD President Not Answered

  1. Dale Nuszloch says:

    Based on the board election results I believe the HOA purchase of the land will be voted down. This is the best outcome for the FOA who are in position to own a successful golf club and will not have to answer to the HOA Board for their future decisions on how to handle their investment. I am a club member but will be voting against HOA ownership of the land for this reason. I am not an investor. With the partnership with the Arnold Palmer group this club is getting better and better. Almost everyone on my street is either a golf member or social member and enjoy the club for various reasons. One need not have to be a golfer to be included. Families with young children have joined and participate in the fun things. Just check the event calendar and you too might come over. So many wonderful friendly people are involved. We are a good community and even if we don’t agree on all there is not need to get nasty and personal.
    Dale Nuszloch

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  2. Interested Somersett Resident says:

    Wayne – Unfortunately, there are no NRS 116 statutes preventing HOA’s from extending deadlines and conducting multiple ballot mailings. This occurred in a similar situation in Somersett. Additionally, the Somersett HOA Board delayed mailing of opposition statements (as required by the NRS 116 equal space requirements) until several weeks after the ballot mailings. Obviously, many owners had already submitted their ballots before receiving the opposition statements, To be fair, and complaint, your Board should insure this doesn’t happen with the ArrowCreek balloting process.


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