Mission, Vision and Strategy: New Directions for ArrowCreek

By Shawn

There was no need to publish Sam Fox’s resignation letter. Nothing positive can come out of publicizing that he did not graciously concede to his opposition. Maybe, his unwillingness to compromise could be seen by some as a sign of strength. The results of the board election are a clear indication of what the majority thought even before Sam Fox actually resigned. Nevertheless, I believe we can make use of his statements in a constructive manner.

According to his letter, Sam Fox does not see a need for a community strategy plan. A strategy plan provides direction for the way forward. Our community misses a foundation in the form of a mission and vision statement. The lack of both: a mission statement and a strategy plan made our community vulnerable to the influence of a small group of people to the point where the elected leadership, headed by Sam Fox, could no longer be effective as representatives of the whole community. Unless our new HOA Board is ready to take on the task all by itself, the Administrative Committee is the key committee that could lend assistance to the board in developing a mission statement and a long-term community strategy plan. Our community governing documents and committee charters should be grounded in the community’s mission and long term strategy. As published on this site, Jim Verhey recently submitted to the board samples of mission statements and an outline of what a community of common interest could look like. So we have a starting point.

Sam Fox wanted to eliminate the Administrative Committee and transfer its function to the Budget & Finance Committee, chaired by Paul Burkett, and with Bob Kirtley as the new board liaison. Why? Division and separation of power are hallmarks of democracy. We have seen with the ArrowCreek Club Committee how one committee can dominate the community. In his letter Sam criticized the Administrative Committee for showing initiative by starting to work on a “community plan”. I surmise another reason why the Administrative Committee was to be put on the chopping block is the fact that its members showed some independent thinking by proposing to switch to a different managing company for various benefits. Any successful business promotes input for improvements and innovation for the good of the company. There is no reason our HOA cannot use this method. If there are new ideas and differing opinions at the committee levels, or new ideas and differing opinions deliberated between the committees and the board, why not have a healthy discussion about the issue at board meetings, or town hall meetings, rather than just a vote to approve or turn down a proposal? This would further the principle of checks and balances in our community government.

Even though Sam Fox is gone, his supporters and allies are still around. It would be unwise to let down our guard. The challenges are plenty, and so are the obstacles. Two of the most pressing issues seem to be to a) negotiate a mutually beneficial collaboration between the HOA and the owners of the golf club, and b) to determine the rights and responsibilities of the golf course owner as a separate, for profit business entity located within ArrowCreek. A mission and vision statement, and a strategy plan could provide guidance.

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1 Response to Mission, Vision and Strategy: New Directions for ArrowCreek

  1. Margaret McConnell says:

    Shawn, though I do not know you, I thank you for your articulate and important message. As current Chair of the AC Administrative Committee, I am totally support your points about the importance of our community having a Strategy Plan in place. As I’ve previously stated, last fall our committee expended considerable effort developing a power point to explain how our Board might pursue development of a Mission and Vision statement and then a community wide Plan. It is unfortunate that this thinking perhaps threatened some folks in AC. To NOT embrace a Strategy Plan is like flying an aircraft without a flight plan—one has no idea what the future outcome will be and we might even end up crashing.
    Additionally, we worked hard to study the vendor bids provided to our community and made a transparent and objective recommendation to the Board to accept a new HOA Management Company based on positive outcomes, forward thinking and bottom line, a much better price point for the contract. Again, it appears some folks were perhaps threatened at the ‘new thinking’ which went against the grain of the more conservative thinking of some Board members.
    It is with much hope that I am supporting the efforts of our newly elected Board. They have innumerable challenges before them and I sincerely hope they grab this opportunity to develop a Strategy Plan that includes our entire community so that we might pursue an organized, planned and well thought out future course.
    I thank and applaud your comments.
    Margaret McConnell


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