Owner Proposed Change to the ACHOA By-Laws

By R W Duncan

The attached document contains an ACHOA owner proposed change to the association’s By-Laws. The change came about as a result of reduced visibility into ACHOA Board actions occurring between regularly scheduled Board meetings. Currently there isn’t visibility into the decisions reached ‘out-of-board.’ This change will provide the community the necessary visibility to question the wisdom of decisions and provide better record keeping.

    As noted in the submittal to the ACHOA Board of Directors, it has been requested that this change be placed on the next community ballot.

Owner Amendment 1

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2 Responses to Owner Proposed Change to the ACHOA By-Laws

  1. ArrowCreek Homeowner says:

    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE (except the FOA & HOA Board).
    Are you ArrowCreek residents aware that the FOA is offering discounted memberships to their club for $230 per month to ArrowCreek residents and $250 per month to non-residents? Which is totally misleading because after one year the membership increases to $475 per month. So I wonder how many of these discounted golf members will convert to a full membership? I believe this is to give false information to our HOA Board to show how seemingly well the AC Golf club is doing! I would scrutinize everything that our HOA Board says concerning the viability of the golf club.


  2. Dave Steele says:

    I agree with this initiative as it appears the Board is out of control.
    I would also support an effort to recall all members of the current Board.


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