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Golfing Improves the Golf Business

While googling the internet for new information, I found this interesting interview with TJ Duncan, a local Reno businessman in the golf business ( Duncan Golf Management: Wolf Run, Dayton Valley, Tahoe City, Fallon and LakeRidge), with additional information from … Continue reading

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ArrowCreek Art Guild Helps Defeat Giant Sign

Emma sent out an email to fellow ArrowCreek Art Guild members to help defeat Summit Shopping Center from installing a huge 71′ (part digital) sign. Several members joined in the effort led by Scenic Nevada to write letters, write emails … Continue reading

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ACHOA Meeting Times Are Not Convenient

Since we had a post from retired senior citizens and then from the non-ArrowCreek Reno person, it is time for a short message from one of the ArrowCreek families with young children. So here is a recent note: “It seems … Continue reading

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A Reno [Non-ArrowCreek] Point of View

I have personally talked to Reno Planning about converting the Somersett Golf and Country Club into an infill housing project. They were ecstatic about the idea. They view golf courses as an almost sinful waste of space and water resources. … Continue reading

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A Senior Perspective

After much thought, here is a brief statement of our position. Since we are retired senior citizens, not golfers, this may be of a different perspective. Before purchasing our home, we spent several weeks looking over the housing selection in … Continue reading

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Similarities to the 2008 ArrowCreek Golf Fiasco

On 2/12/15 a comment was added to the Voices to the Webmaster page by “This explains FOA connection” which was an interesting read, but when I found the original article on-line, the comments and related article were interesting as well. … Continue reading

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ArrowCreek Garden Club is Forming

Hello Everyone, I am involved in starting an Arrowcreek Garden Club. We are setting up a lecture by a Moana horticulturist in March. At the request of the committee, I am trying to gather emails for people who would like … Continue reading

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Synopsis: The First Addendum Has Its Own Page Under The Synopsis Page

The 1st Addendum to “One Homeowner’s Synopsis of AC Country Club Purchase: Historical and Current Events” was received via email after the comment was posted in the comment section at the bottom of the Synopsis page. The page has been … Continue reading

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More Information for Item 3a on Feb ACHOA Board Meeting Agenda

The ArrowCreek HOA (ACHOA) legal counsel has addressed three formal complaints from ACHOA homeowners in Item 3a on the February 24th 2015 agenda for the ACHOA Board meeting. From the agenda: 3. ArrowCreek Golf Update – From the HOA Board … Continue reading

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AC Board – Feb 8 2015 Corrections To Previous Statements

The ArrowCreek Board has emailed a document to ArrowCreek residents who have filled out the email paperwork. Here is the document: From AC Board – Correction To Previous Statements February 8 2015 DECEMBER 2014 ARROWCREEK HOMEOWNERS UPDATE FROM THE ACHOA … Continue reading

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